Sexy brown-eyed blonde Candice is checking herself out in her bathroom mirror, dressed in a revealing black-lace top. The camera captures a great view of her ass along with a teasing peek at her pussy as she leans forward for a closer look in the glass. After examining her pretty face, she begins to caress her breasts. Small and perky, they stand out pale pink against her tan skin and are capped with puffed-up, rose-colored nipples. Next, her fingers find her crotch and she grinds her butt as she moves against her hand. She sits on the counter, legs splayed wide, flaunting her shaved pussy and bikini tan-lines. Her hand circles and rubs her slit and clit and she sighs and gasps for breath, her excitement rising. She lets her top fall, leaving her naked and exposing a tattoo, then perches on the counter again, reaching up to retrieve a blue vibrator from a shelf. She works this up and down her slit then slips it inside of her snatch, whimpering with pleasure as she pounds it in and out

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